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Is an advertising platform that gives instantly access to the the internet from your cellphone by sending a sms message to a specific number (at the moment only available in South Africa). We also do picture advertising via the same website but then you have to sign for 12 months   

 Why use SMSAD for your instant classified advertising

Fast: Yes you can advertise while still thinking about it, it only takes 5 seconds.

Cheap: Yes it is cheap it only costs R7.50 per advert per week.

Contract: Yes you can have a 52 week contract at R10.00 per week pre-paid for one year.

Pictures: Yes only if you have a contract for as above additional cost R5.00 per week pre-paid for one year.

Wide: Yes it covers the whole of south africa (if not the whole world).

Why browse around in smsad?

It is like a market you stroll between the different stals or in this case, adverts, it offers anything from houses for sale to flat rentals from cars to bycicles from excercise machines to work  from bargains to crazy exspensive

There is a simple search facility available to search for certain articles or products to save you time.

If you have no time to browse around you can request a daily email with the latest ads placed, to be forwarded to you.